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Galloway Bell offers a wide variety of products and services to meet all your insulating needs. Please call today and let us know how we can help you with your next project.

Open and Closed Cell Foam

Foam insulation creates an effective air seal which reduces your energy costs and improves indoor air quality. Additional foam can help keep out unwanted noise and also increases resale value. For more information please visit

Thermacoustic 4.17

Thermacoustic 4.17 (TC 4.17) is a glass fiber based thermal acoustical insulation system that can be utilized for many applications such as parking decks, gyms, amphitheatres, etc. It can also be applied to many substrates such as steel, concrete, gypsum board, wood and rigid insulation. TC 4.17 may also be left exposed as a textured surface. For more information, please visit

BIB System (Blown in Blanket System)

The Blown in Blanket System utilizes blowing dry virgin wool fiberglass into the cavities of your home. It provides a “custom fit” for your home by creating a seamless, uniform blanket of insulation that is able to conform to any size or shape cavity, resulting in a guaranteed consistent R-value throughout the entire cavity. This system is also effective at maintaining air infiltration, increasing sound transmission rating and increasing R-value. For more information on BIBS please visit

Fiberglass Batt Insulation and Blowing Wool

Fiberglass batts and blowing wool are the most common insulating medium and can provide great benefits when properly installed in your home. We are proud to offer fiberglass products from CertainTeed and Knauf. Both offer a full line of Greengaurd certified products, which meet an Indoor Air Quality Certification Program for Low-Emitting Products. Additionally, Knuaf has recently brought to the market its Ecobatt, which uses a newly patented Ecose Technology. Ecose Technology is a process that uses a new sustainable binder that is made from rapidly renewable organic materials rather than petroleum based chemicals. This has allowed them to produce a fiberglass product free of phenols, formaldehyde and acrylics, achieving the next generation of sustainable fiberglass products. For more information on fiberglass batts and blowing wool please visit, or


Most insulation is inherently green due to its ability to effectively control the energy efficiency of your home. Cellulose remains to be one of the most environmentally sustainable products available. Homeowners have the choice to significantly reduce the environmental impact by the products they choose to insulate their home. Engineers have found that when properly applied, cellulose can reduce air infiltration as much as 38% in tested wall assemblies. Additional benefits of cellulose are its effectiveness to help control sound transmission and increase fire resistance of your home. We use Applegate stabilized cellulose products, which are made of 80-85% post consumer recycled newsprint. For more information on our cellulose products please visit

Insulation Removal

No matter what the reason, we are happy to accommodate your insulation removal needs. Often insulation needs to be removed due to roof leak damage or to simply be updated with the latest insulation products available. We use Myers vacuums to remove your old insulation into self-contained bags for disposal and re-insulate in accordance with your request.

Knauf Certainteed Applegate Insulation